In this post, the Lexxic team share their insights and tips for concentrating in an open plan office.

So, if you find it hard to concentrate at work, or are easily distracted in your office, then read on for some useful advice!

Why Are Open Plan Offices So Popular?

  • They make it easier for employees to share ideas;
  • They make it easier for colleagues to work in groups;
  • They are more cost effective;
  • They can facilitate team building and feelings of being a part of a team.

But what are the disadvantages of the Open Plan setup?

  • They can be very noisy places;
  • They can be difficult environments in which to concentrate;
  • People may feel a lack of privacy.

So, How Do I Improve Concentration in the Office?

Here are our top tips:

  • Cover the sound: Listen to music through your headphones to cover up the chatter of conversations from the water cooler, and phones ringing around you. You may find that music without words is best to stop you singing along! You could try listening to some ‘concentration’ music clips on YouTube or other websites with noises and sounds – such as rain!
  • Reduce the noise: Use absorptive materials, such as artificial plants and material screens to create sound barriers between you and the rest of the office.
  • Drown out the sound: Use ear plugs or headphones without the music to block out the noise.
  • Find a quiet space: When you have an important piece of work to do, move to a quieter area of the office or find an empty meeting room.
  • Take a break: Take regular breaks. Take a short walk or go and make a drink. This will give your ears and mind a rest from all the stimuli around you.
  • Move desks: Move away from photocopiers or printers. These machines are noisy, and when other people come to use them, they won’t realise they are distracting you when they want to chat.
  • Sit near the corner of the room: This will reduce the amount of sound coming in. Instead of noise being all around you, the noise will just be coming from one direction.

Do you have any top tips for concentrating in the office? We would love to hear them! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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