You should know that very very few people can spell perfectly, but there are tips and tools you can use to get your spelling right and give you confidence in your written work.

So, here are our top pro tips:

1. Use A Spellchecker

Have the spellchecker on your computer activated. Make sure you use it regularly. Don’t forget about the spellchecker on your email account too! A spellchecker will highlight any incorrect words, so that you can correct them. They will usually offer you the closest spellings too.

2. Portable Dictionary

If you use programmes that do not have a spellchecker, you may like to buy a portable dictionary. This will help you to check the spellings and meanings of words more easily yourself.

3. Google It

Another excellent way is to use an internet search engine, such as Google, to check the spelling and meaning of words. Just type in how you think the word is spelt, or if you are really unsure, use a related word. It is a very quick way to check.

4. Break It Up

With longer words which you find difficult to spell, and pronounce, try breaking them up into their syllables. Then practice saying them like this.

So, for example: ‘consensus’ becomes con-sensus

Shorter sections are easier to tackle – and breaking it up helps you to hear how the whole word should sound.

5. Personal Dictionary

If there are words that you always get wrong, or that you just can’t remember the correct spelling of, try making a personal dictionary of these. This is a quick reference for you that you can add to and have to hand. List the words alphabetically, for ease of reference. You might find it helpful to break them down into its syllables (like in the example above).

This will give you a visual reminder of how the word should be spelt, and seeing it regularly should help you to remember it long-term!

We hope these tips and techniques work for you. Leave us your comments below, or join the conversation on facebook and twitter!

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