Transfer your written notes into digital text easily with the DigiMemo L2.

If you often need to write a lot in meetings or lectures, then the DigiMemo L2 may be the tool for you! This device instantly captures and stores your notes, ideas, diagrams, flowcharts and sketches, without scanning, and features 32MB of memory for storing ample notes.

The DigiMemo L2 is a stand-alone device, with storage, that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper, without the need for a computer or special paper.

Once entered, you can easily view, edit, organise and share handwritten notes on either Windows PCs or Mac using the bundled software.

When connected to a PC, the DigiMemo L2 offers an on-line writing function to instantly synchronise your writing with the digital page. The notepad also functions as a USB tablet device on both Windows PCs or Mac operating systems.



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