Free to download extensions for Mozilla’s Firefox browser can help make the internet more accessible for people with different reading needs. Many different extensions are available and can be downloaded and used as add-ons, depending on preference and need, to really improve the reading experience on the Internet.

Some of the extensions which can be downloaded for free – and which feature guides and screenshots to show how to use them effectively – include:

  • Big Buttons – Large, colourful buttons which are easy to see and navigate in the toolbar;
  • Theme Font Size Changer – Changes all sizes in all Firefox windows with a few clicks of a button;
  • Page Zoom Buttons – Buttons on the toolbar allow you to zoom in and out of writing;
  • Reader – takes away all other elements of the web page, except the writing so that you are able to focus on this;
  • Offsite Add-ons such as OpenDyslexic – this changes the formatting of pages to make them easier to read for people with dyslexia;
  • Text to Voice 1.05 – which reads aloud selected sections of text.

Note: other main browsers have similar add-ons dependent on your preference, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

For a full list of accessibility extensions available for Firefox, visit

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