This pen makes writing effortless! Designed for people who write a lot and need comfort from a pen. If you have ever found that writing makes your hands tired, this could be an effective solution!

The Stabilo EASYgel Pen can improve your writing experience in many ways! It prevents your hand getting tired with its easy-grip mould. The mould to ensure that you hold the pen in the correct way, allowing for greater control, and preventing aches, pains and writers’ cramp. The ink flows very easily so you can write with little pressure, and by ensuring you don’t press too hard allows you to write for longer without tiring.

There are also many other features:

  • They are refillable, with a choice of ink colours;
  • The ink is non-smudge;
  • Available for both right- and left- handed people.

Supplier: Tiger Pens

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